Thursday, February 28, 2008

My thoughts on homeschooling so far....

Well where do I start... at first I felt very overwhelmed with information and trying to figure out what is the first way we are going to try. It can be very overwhelming let me tell you. But in the end I just decided that we were going to go with lapbooks on a subject that interests my daughter and that seems to be working out the best. She is almost 4 years old I might add. But so far so good.

Now that I have just dove into homeschooling I am totally loving in and I realize that I am going about it the best way for my daughter currently. I think we are going to pretty much use the Ambleside website when she reaches year 1 and use lapbooks... right now we are using Letter of the Week ... my daughter is very crafty. She must get that from her mother. Anyway I thought I would post some of my thoughts on what is working for us and how much I am enjoying teaching my daughter.

Penguin Lapbook Cover

Working on the cover to my lapbook!

Working on our Penguin Lapbook

We have been working on our Penguin Lapbook this week and we plan to have it done come Monday or Tuesday. I love our local library and that I get to borrow everything for FREE!!!! The best is putting the things on reserve and then just going in and picking up what I need when I am in a hurry.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going Buggy

This one is called Going Buggy and it is matching numbers.

Notice the dots on the ladybugs they match with the numbers on the ladybugs.

File Folder Games

I have made quite a few file folder games lately and my daughter who is almost 4 years old loves doing them. Tomorrow we are going to start on a Penguin Lapbook. I can't wait I have everything printed now and ready to go.

Here is one where you match the uppercase letters with the lowercase letters. Both lowercase and uppercase have the same picture on them.

I put velcro on all the pieces and then on the squares in the file folder so that when she placed them they wouldn't move around. Normally I don't do that but there are so many pieces it makes it easier for both us.

This file folder game is matching objects.
Here is a look inside the folder and as with all file folder games I put the pieces in a baggie and then a little piece of velcro on both the baggie and the game to keep things together a lot nicer.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cutting and our new Felt Board

Working on cutting today to finish up her Lapbook.

Felt board I made at a class on Saturday for FREE! I realize now I am going to have to buy some felt and make a larger one... this one is perfect for my princess to play with but I really need a larger one for our stories and learning.

Five Little Valentine's poem we did today and have been doing all week. Princess can pretty much do it by herself now.

Our First Lapbook... Valentine's Theme

Front Cover

Back where it opens

inside... she had to pick out the heart that was different on the back of the red flap there was a heart butterfly she coloured.

Jesus makes me smile follow the dots to the heart.

This is the puzzle paperclipped at the bottom of her lapbook. :) She loved doing this puzzle I just wish I would have printed it on cardstock instead of regular paper.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


we started our very first lapbook which we will finish up here this week. We did it on Valentine's like theme. It was so much fun and LO enjoyed doing it. I can't believe all she can do for only 3... okay almost 4. She was getting so bored at home and this seems to have done the trick... this and our felt story board. I went to a workshop at a local Early Years Center on making them and made a small one but after making a small one I realized I wanted a larger one. The smaller one just wouldn't do... I plan on going back to the resource center to use the diecuts on Tuesday. I am so excited so far I have organized everything in a binder. I will post it all in a minute here well the pictures anyway.